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Tips and Information on Prescription Sunglasses

Over recent years, prescription sunglasses have become increasingly popular. It has evolved into a fashionable trend and is available a wide variety. You will be able to customize the prescription sunglass including lens type, style, and design. Prescription sunglass looks exactly like the standard sunglass. However, the lens used in the prescription sunglass has power. Many companies offer sunglasses that use bifocals and progressive lens.

Prescription sunglasses have the same cost as the standard prescription sunglasses. If you buy designer brand sunglass, you will have to pay more. The average cost of a branded prescription sunglass is $400. Sunglasses that are non-branded will cost around $100 - $200. It can take some time to choose a pair of prescription sunglasses. The sunglass that you choose should protect you from the ultraviolet ray. It should be comfortable when you wear it. It should not be too tight or too loose. Sunglasses that are too tight will cause marks on the side of your face. If the sunglass is too loose, it will drop when you wear them. It is best that you buy sunglasses that are equipped with polarization. Polarized glasses are tinted with a darker tone to the sunlight so that your eyes won’t suffer from the intense glare.

Before buying prescription sunglasses you must go to the optical center and sit for an eye exam. If you undergo an eye exam recently, you can proceed to purchase the sunglasses. After the optometrist checked your eyes, you will be given a prescription. The prescription contains information about a correction of your eyes. You can use the prescription to buy the prescription sunglass.

While at the online store, you get to choose from a frame of your own choice. Online store usually offers a larger selection of frames. With so many frames around, you are sure to find the frame that suits you. the frame should match with the shape of your face. For example, if you have a square face, you should purchase a square face. If your face is small, the frame should be small as well. Large eyeglass frame will look odd on a small face.

The color of the eyeglass frames should complement the color of the skin. People that have cool skin coloring should purchase black or plum color eyeglass frames. If your skin has a yellow undertone, you can purchase frames that have a khaki or camel color.